Song ji hyo and kim jong kook confess their love for each other in the latest episode of "running man"?

Running Man is a beloved variety show for all its entertaining games, humorous jokes, and, of course, the chemistry between the main cast members. Cast members Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook especially entertain fans with their adorable và often hilarious “love line.”


Although the scene was already romantic, the moment was only more swoon-worthy behind the scenes, where song Ji Hyo was talking khổng lồ Kim Jong Kook about being hungry.

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Song Ji Hyo: In the middle of all this, I’m so hungry oppa. Looking at all the side dishes makes me want to lớn eat!

Kim Jong Kook: What are we going to vì with you? This is serious.

Song Ji Hyo: But vị you want lớn know something really important? I already ate two meals!

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Netizens praised Kim Jong Kook for his kind way of responding to tuy nhiên Ji Hyo, pleased that he didn’t resort khổng lồ mocking or teasing her. And, of course, couldn’t get over how comfortable the two seemed to lớn be in each other’s arms.

Kim Jong Kook: Wow, daebak.

Song Ji Hyo: I woke up early in the morning to lớn eat a meal & then I also ate kimbap!

Kim Jong Kook and tuy vậy Ji Hyo have been causing Running Man fans to speculate about their real score.

Running Man cast members often teases Kim Jong Kook to lớn Yoon Eun Hye, but he is also being shipped to song Ji Hyo after the famous Monday Couple came lớn an kết thúc following Kang Gary’s departure.

As they looked closer than ever, Jeon So Min reveals whether or not the two are dating.

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Are Kim Jong Kook, tuy vậy Ji Hyo Dating?


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SBS News covered the July 31 episode of Running Man when the members became busy with the race. When it began, Yoo Jae Suk immediately caught Jeon So Min và outed her from the game.

While Yoo Jae Suk was looking for Ji Suk Jin’s nametag, Jeon So Min went out of the coffee shop and asked the passerby if they saw any other members. They told her they would not tell her even if they knew where they wre.

After talking about her drama, Cleaning Up, and Running Man, one fan told her that they always watch the variety show.

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In response lớn it, she clarified that she và Yang Se Chan are not dating. She also revealed the truth about Kim Jong Kook and tuy nhiên Ji Hyo.

“Ji-Hyo và Jong-kook aren"t dating each other! They"re nothing more than friends,” she said before telling Running Man PD, “It"s good to lớn let them know what"s true, you know. I just wanted lớn clarify a few things khổng lồ them about us."

Kim Jong Kook Says He Cannot Get Married; tuy vậy Ji Hyo Initially Hated the Love Line


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Jeon So Min’s clarification came out after her co-members commented on their current relationship status.

Song Ji Hyo appeared on Ji Suk Jin’s show, MBC Every1’s Tteokbokki Brothers, and talked about how much she hated it that she told Kim Jong Kook not to vị it. However, she started lớn accept it when she saw people’s positive reactions to their love line.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook remains single because he loves working out too much. He said he seemingly likes lớn go khổng lồ gyms more than his girlfriend.

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