Pokemon: Black Version 2 Rom, Safe Pokemon Black/white 2 Rom

In the Pokemon - black Version 2 the Pokemon trainer is in a new region khổng lồ find new pokemon who were locked in the previous version Pokemon - black Version.

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Parameters Values
File Name: 6149 - Pokemon black Version 2 (DSi Enhanced)(U)(frie
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 74.70MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2012
Downloads: 270415

Pokemon - black Version 2 ROM download for NDSThe Pokemon đen Version 2 is a direct sequel to lớn the Pokemon đen Version, which is part of the fifth generation of the Pokemon đoạn phim games series. The game is developed by game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company và Nintendo.

Game Plot

The game mainly focuses on the legendary Pokemon distinguished by Junichi Masuda as đen Kyurem & White Kyurem. Following the events of the first version, the criminal organization Team Plasma has come back as Neo Team Plasma, and the player must prevent their plans throughout the game. Here, the player must even trade between the versions in order to achieve the Pokedex.


The players here send out their Pokemon to lớn lower the health points of the opposing teams while battling. Players achieve this with their Pokemon moves, and they can perform different purposes like debuffing, attacking, và striking status effects.

Best Emulator for Pokemon black Version 2 ROM

Before downloading the Pokemon black Version 2 game, you need to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator on your device. This emulator helps you lớn play your game.

For Windows PC, there are few fantastic emulators like Dra
Stic DS Emulator, which has the option lớn save states, controllers support, & button mapping. In the case of MAC, Citra Emulator is good as it has Graphic optimization và is highly active.

Similar Games

Even though Pokemon black Version 2 is a sequel, it has its own new features khổng lồ play & enjoy. Similarly, there are few other games that are related khổng lồ Pokemon black Version 2, which you might like. Three of them are listed below.

Pokemon Ranger : The player in the Pokemon Ranger controls the Pokemon in the Fiore region và temporarily captures Pokemon using a device called Capture Style. The trò chơi is phối in 10 missions & three sub-mission, according lớn the storyline.The only Pokemon that explores permanently with the player in this version is Minun if the player chooses a male character or else Plusle if the character chosen is female.Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia : The game here is set in the Almia region & features 270 Pokemon, including a new Pokemon that was not featured in the original Pokemon Ranger. At the Ranger School, the player begins as a Pokemon Ranger in training, instantly graduates, and later advances from there. The player can choose their character gender here, & the choice does not affect their partner Pokemon. The Shadows of Almia also introduces quests that are mini-missions và not major ones.Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs : Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs is an kích hoạt role-playing đoạn clip game, unlike the rest of Pokemon games. Here the game revolves around capturing the Pokemon using Capture Styler by drawing circles around them. The styler"s health goes down if the Pokemon breaks the circles by attacking them. Hence, the styler runs out of energy.The player can use Guardian Signs by drawing certain symbols, and it"s lượt thích summoning.

Pokemon – đen Version 2 (frie
NDS) ROM can be played on any NDS Emulator. You can download the Pokemon black 2 ROM for the USA, Europe, and nhật bản regions below. You can play the Pokemon black 2 game on PC, Android, and i
Phone with the help of an emulator.

Pokemon black 2 ROM

File: Pokemon đen 2 ROMConsole: NDSGenre: Role PlayingRegion: Europe, USAPlatforms: Android, Mac, i
Phone, Windows
Download Pokemon đen 2 ROM from below:

Pokemon black Version 2 ROMDownload
Pokemon đen 2 ROM Download
Pocket Monster đen 2 ROM Download

Pokemon đen 2 Emulator

Pokemon black 2 Emulator for PCDownload
Pokemon đen 2 Emulator for AndroidDownload
Pokemon đen 2 Emulator for i

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Setup và Installation Guide
Download the Pokemon đen 2 ROM và Pokemon black 2 emulator on your device from the above links.Install the emulator.Open the ROM tệp tin inside the emulator.Now enjoy the black 2 game.

Pokemon black 2

Pokémon đen 2 is a role-playing video clip game developed by game Freak và published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It is a direct sequel lớn Pokémon Black and White, và it takes place two years after the events of the original games in the Unova region.

Like the previous games, the player’s goal is to become the Champion of the Pokémon League by battling against other trainers và their Pokémon. Pokémon đen 2 features new areas to lớn explore, new Pokémon to catch, and an expanded storyline. It also introduces new features such as the Pokémon World Tournament, which allows players khổng lồ battle against trainers from previous games in the series.

Overall, Pokémon đen 2 is a popular game among fans of the Pokémon franchise & is widely regarded as one of the best entries in the series.



In Pokémon black 2, players control a character in a top-down perspective as they explore the Unova region, catching và training Pokémon to lớn battle against other trainers. The game play follows the traditional turn-based RPG formula, with players selecting moves for their Pokémon to use in battles against other Pokémon.

One of the new features in Pokémon black 2 is the Poké
Star Studios, which allows players to lớn make their own movies using their Pokémon as actors. Another new feature is the Join Avenue, a shopping district where players can open shops & attract customers to their businesses.

The trò chơi also introduces new thể hình leaders, Elite Four members, và a new Champion for players to challenge. The Pokémon World Tournament allows players to lớn battle against trainers from previous games in the series, while the Pokémon Dream Radar, a companion app for the Nintendo 3DS, allows players to lớn catch special Pokémon and transfer them to their game.

Overall, Pokémon black 2 offers a lot of new nội dung and features while retaining the classic Pokémon gameplay that has made the series so popular over the years.


The story of Pokémon đen 2 takes place two years after the events of Pokémon Black & White, và it follows a new protagonist as they explore the Unova region.

The player character starts in Aspertia City, where they receive their first Pokémon from the local gym leader, Cheren. As they travel through Unova, the player character encounters a group called Team Plasma, who seek khổng lồ liberate Pokémon from trainers by any means necessary.

The player character also encounters new gym leaders and Elite Four members, including the psychic-type gym leader, Caitlin, và the dark-type Elite Four member, Grimsley. They eventually face off against the new Champion of the Pokémon League, Iris, who has taken the position since the previous Champion, Alder, resigned.

As the player character travels through Unova, they also investigate the activities of Team Plasma and its mysterious new leader, Ghetsis. It is revealed that Ghetsis was the true mastermind behind Team Plasma’s previous plot to lớn use the legendary Pokémon Reshiram or Zekrom khổng lồ take over Unova. Ghetsis intends to use his new plan to lớn take over the entire region by manipulating Kyurem, another legendary Pokémon, for his own purposes.

In the end, the player character & their Pokémon team confront Ghetsis, defeat him in battle, và save Unova from his machinations. They become the new Champion of the Pokémon League and continue their adventures throughout the region.


Here are some of the features of Pokémon đen 2:

New Pokémon: Pokémon black 2 features new Pokémon not found in previous games in the series, including new starters và legendary Pokémon.New areas to lớn explore: The game features new areas to explore, including new cities, towns, and routes.The Pokémon World Tournament: This new feature allows players khổng lồ battle against trainers from previous games in the series.Poké
Star Studios
: This feature allows players lớn make their own movies using their Pokémon as actors.

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Join Avenue: This shopping district allows players to xuất hiện shops và attract customers lớn their businesses.Updated thể hình Leaders và Elite Four members: Pokémon black 2 features new thể hình leaders và Elite Four members for players lớn challenge.New story elements: The trò chơi features an expanded storyline with new characters & plot twists.Updated graphics: The graphics và visuals of Pokémon đen 2 are an improvement over the previous games in the series.Fun mini-games: The game features several mini-games that allow players to interact with their Pokémon in new ways.Wi-Fi Connectivity: The trò chơi offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing players to lớn battle và trade with other players around the world.

Pokemon black 2 Starters

The three starter Pokémon in Pokémon đen 2 are:

Tepig: Tepig is a fire-type Pokémon, & it evolves into Pignite at màn chơi 17 and then into Emboar at level 36. Emboar is a fire/fighting-type Pokémon and has strong offensive stats.Oshawott: Oshawott is a water-type Pokémon, and it evolves into Dewott at level 17 & then into Samurott at cấp độ 36. Samurott is a water-type & has high attack and special attack stats.Snivy: Snivy is a grass-type Pokémon, & it evolves into Servine at cấp độ 17 and then into Serperior at cấp độ 36. Serperior is a grass-type & has high speed and defense stats.

Players can choose one of these three starter Pokémon at the beginning of the game và use it as their first partner in their journey through the Unova region.

Pokemon đen 2 Walkthrough

Here is a chapter-wise walkthrough for Pokémon đen 2:

Chapter 1: Aspertia City

Receive the player character’s first Pokémon from Cheren, the local gym leader.Battle rival Hugh in the city’s outskirts.Explore the city và train the player character’s Pokémon.

Chapter 2: Route 19 và Floccesy Town

Travel through Route 19 & arrive at Floccesy Town.Learn about the Pokémon Day Care Center and leave a Pokémon khổng lồ be trained there.Battle against rival Hugh again.

Chapter 3: Route 20 và Virbank City

Travel through Route 20 và arrive at Virbank City.Explore the city and take on the Virbank thành phố Gym.Battle against Team Plasma & their new leader, Colress.

Chapter 4: Castelia City

Travel through Route 4 và arrive at Castelia City.Explore the city và take on the Castelia đô thị Gym.Battle against rival Bianca và receive HM Cut.

Chapter 5: Nimbasa City

Travel through Route 5 and arrive at Nimbasa City.Explore the city và take on the Nimbasa đô thị Gym.Participate in the Pokémon World Tournament và battle against trainers from previous games in the series.

Chapter 6: Driftveil City

Travel through Route 6 and arrive at Driftveil City.Explore the city và take on the Driftveil thành phố Gym.Battle against rival Hugh & receive HM Surf.

Chapter 7: Mistralton City

Travel through Route 7 và arrive at Mistralton City.Explore the city and take on the Mistralton city Gym.Learn about the legend of the three legendary Pokémon, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

Chapter 8: Lentimas Town và Reversal Mountain

Travel through Route 8 & arrive at Lentimas Town.Explore the town và learn about Reversal Mountain.Travel through Reversal Mountain and battle against Team Plasma.

Chapter 9: Undella Town và Humilau City

Travel through Route 13 và arrive at Undella Town.Explore the town & take on the Undella cất cánh Gym.Travel through Route 22 & arrive at Humilau City.Take on the Humilau thành phố Gym.

Chapter 10: Victory Road & the Pokémon League

Travel through Victory Road & arrive at the Pokémon League.Battle against the Elite Four members & the new Champion, Iris.Become the new Champion of the Pokémon League.

Chapter 11: Post-Game Content

Explore new areas that are unlocked after becoming the Champion.Participate in the Pokémon World Tournament and battle against even more trainers from previous games in the series.Catch legendary Pokémon & complete the Pokédex.

Chapter 12: đen Tower or white Treehollow

In đen 2, players can access đen Tower, a multi-level challenge area that tests their skills & abilities as a trainer.In white 2, players can access trắng Treehollow, a similar challenge area with a different layout và challenges.Complete the challenges khổng lồ earn rewards và increase your rank as a trainer.

Chapter 13: Legendary Pokémon và Hidden Grottoes

After becoming the Champion, players can encounter & catch various legendary Pokémon throughout the region, including Kyurem, Zekrom or Reshiram, và others.Players can also search for hidden grottoes throughout the region, which contain rare items and occasionally rare Pokémon.

Chapter 14: Join Avenue và Poke
Star Studios

After becoming the Champion, players can establish a business in Join Avenue and attract customers to their shops by completing various tasks và earning money.Players can also visit Poke
Star Studios và create their own movies, starring their Pokémon.

Chapter 15: Battle Subway and Battle Institute

Players can participate in the Battle Subway, a challenge area where they battle against various trainers to earn rewards và increase their rank.The Battle Institute is a similar challenge area that allows players to thử nghiệm their skills in battle against tough opponents.

Chapter 16: Wi-Fi Battles and Trades

Players can connect khổng lồ Wi-Fi & battle or trade with other players around the world, using their trained Pokémon.They can also participate in various online events & tournaments, with special rewards và prizes available.

Chapter 17: Completion and Post-Game Challenges

After completing the main story, players can continue khổng lồ explore the region và complete various challenges, including catching all the Pokémon, completing the Pokédex, and achieving various in-game accomplishments.With new areas, challenges, and content unlocked after becoming the Champion, there is always something new khổng lồ do and discover in Pokémon đen 2.

Pokemon đen 2 Pokedex

Pokedex No.Pokémon
001SnivyGrassA snake-like Pokémon that is one of the three starters
004TepigFireA pig-like Pokémon that is one of the three starters
007OshawottWaterA sea otter-like Pokémon that is one of the three starters
025PikachuElectricThe iconic mascot of the Pokémon franchise
039JigglypuffNormal/FairyA pink, balloon-like Pokémon known for its singing
056MankeyFightingA monkey-like Pokémon with a short temper
063AbraPsychicA teleporting Pokémon that can be difficult lớn catch
081MagnemiteElectric/SteelA floating, magnet-like Pokémon
092GastlyGhost/PoisonA ghostly Pokémon that can pass through walls
095OnixRock/GroundA large, serpent-like Pokémon made of rocks
133EeveeNormalA versatile Pokémon that can evolve into many different forms
147DratiniDragonA rare, serpentine Pokémon with the potential to evolve into powerful Dragon-types
155CyndaquilFireA small, hedgehog-like Pokémon that is a starter in the Johto region
172PichuElectricA pre-evolved form of Pikachu
204PinecoBugA pinecone-like Pokémon with a hard shell
246LarvitarRock/GroundA small, dinosaur-like Pokémon with a rocky exterior
252TreeckoGrassA gecko-like Pokémon that is one of the starters in the Hoenn region
255TorchicFireA chick-like Pokémon that is one of the starters in the Hoenn region
258MudkipWaterA mudfish-like Pokémon that is one of the starters in the Hoenn region
280RaltsPsychic/FairyA small, humanoid-like Pokémon with psychic abilities

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