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Throughout the years, đứng đầu actor Jung Hae In portrayed different kinds of roles. He can go from a boy-next-door khổng lồ a sweet boyfriend to a fierce soldier. He can vị it all!

With his versatile roles, Jung Hae In created his name in the industry and is now one of the sought-after actors of his generation.

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Now, let’s take a look at Jung Hae In’s roles that showed his versatility as an actor!

Reply 1988 (2015-2016) as Ho Young

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Before he became a đứng đầu actor, Jung Hae In did small roles for different dramas.

One of which is the drama Reply 1988. He played the role of Ho Young, Duk Seon’s first love.

It was a short và brief scene but Jung Hae In showed his overflowing charms và captured everyone’s hearts!

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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017) as Choi Tae Hee

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How will we ever forget this xinh đẹp high school baseball player Choi Tae Hee?

Jung Hae In portrayed Eun Tak’s first love, lớn whom the Goblin got so jealous of!

Jung Hae In as someone’s first love again? No wonder he’s dubbed as the “nation’s first love”!

Choi Tae Hee is a very handsome man, well-mannered, & adorable!

With his mini appearance in the drama, Jung Hae In basically made everyone fall in love with him.

And without him knowing, this exact appearance will help him be recognized by so many people around the world!

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While You Were Sleeping (2017) as Han U Tak

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Jung Hae In as Han U Tak totally gave us the second lead syndrome!

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Police office Han U Tak is someone you’ll really fall in love with!

He’s a nice & selfless guy, who didn’t even confess lớn Hong Ju because he wanted to lớn respect Hong Ju và Jeong Chan’s growing feelings for each other. What’s not lớn love about him?

Plus, his character has a đáng yêu dog và we all love a dog lover!

Once you watch him in While You Were Sleeping, you will swoon over him big time!

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Prison Playbook (2017-2018) as Yoo Jeong Woo

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Prison Playbook is that drama that really showed Jung Hae In versatility as an actor. He went from serious to funny in this drama.

Jung Hae In played the role of Yoo Jeong Woo, also known as Captain Yoo.

A fierce và scary soldier who was imprisoned due to lớn false accusations from his fellow soldiers.

At first, he was being feared by his fellow inmates, but eventually, he became soft & learned lớn be friends with them.

Of course, we can’t resist Jung Hae In wearing his military uniform!

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Something In The Rain (2018) as Seo Jun Hui

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Something In The Rain is Jung Hae In’s first leading role, along with Son Ye Jin as his leading lady.

This drama is really one of his memorable ones since this helped him become even more popular not only in South Korea but also internationally.

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Jung Hae In as Seo Jun Hui is a very sweet guy who cares about other people. Even though his love story in this drama is being opposed by other people, he proved that this love is worth fighting for.

With Jung Hae In being an all-out boyfriend in this drama, he pretty sure stole the hearts of many people!

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One Spring Night (2019) as Yu Ji Ho

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In this 2019 drama, Jung Hae In played the role of a single dad & a pharmacist.

Since he is raising his son alone, he is more patient, mature, và caring.

Jung Hae In perfectly portrayed his role & he showed what is life lượt thích as a single dad in this modern age.

Additionally, during his fan meeting here in Manila last 2019, Jung Hae In came out as a pharmacist and gave advice khổng lồ his fans. It’s such a fun memory!

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Tune In For Love (2019) as cha Hyun Woo

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With Jung Hae In’s first lead role in a movie, he portrayed the misunderstood phụ vương Hyun Woo.

After serving time in juvenile detention, his past is hunting him for life và people are considering him as a good-for-nothing boy. But meeting his love mi Soo, changed him for the better.

Even with his mysterious aura, Hyun Woo is indeed a sweet và caring guy. He is a very loyal & faithful guy who never forgets ngươi Soo and his love for her after being separated for so many years.

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In case you didn’t know, this is Jung Hae In và Kim Go Eun’s reunion project after Guardian: The Lonely & Great God.

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A Piece Of Your Mind (2020) as Moon Ha Won

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In this melodrama, Jung Hae In played the role of Moon Ha Won, an AI programmer.

He is a very sweet và calm guy, but he is struggling emotionally ever since he lost his mom và got separated from this first love.

Jung Hae In is dubbed as the “king of melodramas” with his portrayal in many dramas in this genre. He gave justice to lớn each role và it seems like his eyes are doing all the talking in every scene.

Once you watch him in this drama, you will feel for him and be emotionally attached to lớn his role.

Where khổng lồ watch: Viu

D.P. (2021) as An Jun Ho

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D.P. Is Jung Hae In’s comeback drama in 2021.

Different from his lãng mạn roles, Jung Hae In played the fierce soldier in the new Netflix series, D.P.

He portrayed, yet again, a soldier named An Jun Ho, who is a part of the Deserter Pursuit Unit. They are in charge of capturing army deserters.

According to Jung Hae In, he prepared so much for his role and even learned to lớn box for months just so he can portray the character realistically. We love dedication!

Where khổng lồ watch: Netflix

Now, which of these Jung Hae In roles vì you love the most? cốt truyện with us the comments below!

Even though it has been out for 8 years, “Reply 1988” is still the most watched healing series in Korean cinema.

Numerous viewers still recall the series details and characters, proving the neighborhood of Ssangmundong’s influence.

In the group of close friends of the neighborhood, Choi Taek impressed the audience with his quiet, quiet, somewhat goofy personality.


The character was successfully played by actor Park Bo Gum. However, during the casting process for the series, a name almost replaced Park Bo Gum as the Go player.

Accordingly, in the radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s power Time” on SBS power FM aired a while ago, two actors Jung Hae In & Kim Ji Hoon participated as guests.

During the show, Kim Ji Hoon revealed that Jung Hae InPark Bo Gum made it to the final round of casting as Choi Taek in “Reply 1988“.

Jung Hae In had a brief appearance in Reply 1988.Shaping with a cold face makes many people terrified in Prison Playbook.The collaboration with his beautiful “Noona” Son Ye Jin helped Jung Hae In’s name step up to a new level.
The actor’s masculine face captivated many viewers.

As a result of this casting, the main actor of “Something in the Rain” was unlucky lớn get the lead role. However, he also appeared in the series as Duk Sun‘s middle school friend, who made Kim Jung Hwan “jealous” lớn the face.

Despite missing the role of Choi Taek, Jung Hae In quickly got a role in another work by director Shin Won Ho, who made beautiful scenes in “Reply 1988“.

Accordingly, he played Captain Yoo in “Prison Playbook“, a personality role, sometimes makes people scared even through their eyes.

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